About Marion Habault

Meet Our Luxury Perfumer

Marion Habault is a master perfumer based in Nouméa, New Caledonia. She is the head creative director of the Vivre un Instant Parfumé brand and learnt her craft from the most prestigious Grasse Institute of Perfumery in France. Featured in the media world-wide. Marion is the expert artist behind our range of luxurious creations.

Luxury Made For You

A sign of a good perfume is that you can’t smell it on you but others can. Our perfumes are made using the rarest ingredients from dreamy South Pacific Island New Caledonia and the best worldly locations. Our most luxurious creations come with artisan crafted jewellery including black coral, 18 carat gold, pearl of Tahiti and nickel. You can also work with us to create a one - of - a - kind perfume for yourself or a loved one



Made in small batches with the finest ingredients. Our creations are the definition of luxury.

Hand - Crafted

Inspiring creations made by a master perfumer and hand blended ingredients.

Premium Ingredients

Travel the world with a scent including the finest and rarest ingredients.

Long - Lasting

Made to last with premium essential oils, you will be making an impression all day.

Own Your Scent

Signature Scents

Work with the Marion Habault team and create a prefume for yourself or surprise someone you love with a fragrance crafted solely for them. Imagine offering a gift so unique it was made just for them.

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